Japanese Mounting Workshop and Byobu Workshop

During the Mokuhanga Conference, there were several workshops that you can sign up for.  I was so excited to take two workshops, Urauchi-mounting workshop and Byobu/hinging workshop.  I have always wanted to learn how to do these, but was not able to find anyone who could teach me or find a way to teach myself.  My friends Mariko and Mari were in both of the workshops with me, and it was really fun.  I want to practice a little bit more over the summer so that I can teach my students in my Mokuhanga class in the fall.

Below are some pictures and a quick overview of the workshops.  Both workshops were taught by Kashu Yabuta, who is the president of Japan Hyogu Association.

Mounting Workshop

These were the three brushes that we used.  Water brush, mounting brush, and nori (glue) brush.

The sheet of paper with calligraphy on it was mounted on to another thin sheet of paper.

The next two photos are of my friend Mari dampening and brushing nori on the paper.

All done and waiting for them to dry.

Byobu and Hinging Workshop

Here are some examples of Japanese Byobu.

First measuring…

Cutting the paper hinges and gluing on the board.

Glued and hinged!

And then covering the hinges with larger paper strip.

These are the three pieces to cover the screen with.



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