Sato Mokuhanga Studio in Kyoto

After the Mokuhanga Conference, my friends Mariko, Katie, Helen, and I went to visit Sato Mokuhanga Studio in Kyoto.  Sato Mokuhanga Studio is a professional printing shop that is run by the master printer Sato-san, and he has several printers working there.

Kyoko greeting us in front of the studio entrance

Mostly, they make reproductions of traditional Japanese prints, like the fan print that one of the printers is printing below.Printer printing fanWe had met Sato-san and two printers that work there, Kyoko Hirai and Makoto Nakayama, at the Mokuhanga Conference, and they had invited us to visit their shop.  Kyoko is one of only two female printers in Kyoto.  Kyoko was so generous with her time, spending the whole morning with us and answering all our questions.

Kyoko answering our questions

Here are some images of the shop and Kyoko printing.

After the visit, we all went out to eat lunch!


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