In The Background

I am organizing a Themed Portfolio for the 2012 SGCI conference in New Orleans, LA.  This print portfolio is titled “In the Background”, and all the artists that are part of this portfolio will be making a print that is inspired by wallpapers.  There are 12 artists, including myself, and very soon, I will be getting all of their wallpaper prints to put them together into a bound book that will resemble a wallpaper sample book.  I am very excited to see what all the invited artists will make for this portfolio.  I will try to post the participating artists’ works as I get them, and will also post images of the completed portfolio itself when it is done.

Artists: Kristi Arnold, Katie Baldwin, Laura Berman, Teresa Cole, Christa Dalien, Kristina Estell, Adriane Herman, Mary Anne Jordan, Mari LaCure, Yoonmi Nam, Serena Perrone, Nicolette Ross

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