My Toile Wallpaper

I recently finished a lithograph for the Themed Portfolio that I am organizing for the 2012 Southern Graphics Council International (SGCI) conference in March this year.  Here are some photographs from the process…

I decided to use the format of Toile patterns for my wallpaper print.  I like how the Toile patterns are both sort of a landscape and a pattern.  This was my first time making work using patterns, so it took me a little while figuring out how this works.  Below is a photo of my sketchbook showing my process of trying to figure out the Toile patterning.

I realized that there are usually four sections in a diamond shape that repeats to make a Toile pattern.  You can see below that I have a basic diamond pattern underneath the clear film that I was drawing on.

I used india ink and a nib pen to draw the image on Velvet Tone film.  Once I completed drawing this one “unit”, I scanned this image, and printed out on several sheets of paper, and then placed it under the initial drawing on the Velvet Tone film, and copied it, repeating the pattern.  I do the drawing on this clear sheet so that I can use it as a film for the photo lithograph.  Here’s a picture of the photo litho plate that I made using the finished film.

And then…  the finished prints!

And finally, I wanted to see how this Toile pattern would look when it is repeated.


  1. Lovely and beautiful toile wallpaper!

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  3. This is lovely and exciting. Well done!

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