Toile Pattern on Fabric

A couple of months ago, I screen printed my toile design on fabric.  I had been so busy with work at school since then, I didn’t have time to post these images until now.  This design was originally printed on paper in lithographic method, and it only showed a small section of the toile design.  I was asked by the curators at the PLUG Projects in Kansas City, if I could actually make a larger version of this to make it into a real wallpaper for an exhibition that they were preparing for the Los Caminos Gallery in St. Louis.  You can see some images of the installation view and the show here.

I made two different versions, one in red ink and the other in blue ink.  I think I printed about 16 yards of red toile fabric and about 8 yards of blue toile fabric.

Here are some pictures of the process:

Planning out pattern for screen printing

First test print to figure out pattern printing methods

First image

Second image

Third and fourth image

8 yards done!

More done

Lining up pattern and sewing

8 yards of blue toile

Detail of blue toile

Another detail of blue toile

After finishing all the toile pattern printing, I printed some more using one of the images I used for the toile pattern, and made another randomly printed design.

Random printing pattern using one of the images


Another detail

More detail

I would like to thank my fellow artists Mary Anne Jordan and Elena Brebenel for helping me with this project!!!

Now I need to figure out what I want to make with all these fabrics!


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