“In the Background” Portfolios

Finally finished making all the portfolios for the themed portfolio that I organized for the Southern Graphics Council International Conference!  Altogether, we made 14 sets of portfolios.  I really could not have finished this without the help I got from my students and my collaborator, Christa Dalien.  It took us 6 days, working all day, to finish making all the portfolios.  (Well, maybe we went swimming and bowling too)


Grace Chin, Kelsey Hunter, Josh Meier, Jonathan Metzger, Solace Naeymi, Henry Schneiderman!

And thanks to Christa Dalien, my collaborator in this project!

Here are some photos from the process.

In the beginning, there were a lot of cutting and folding.

Grace cutting book boards

Kelsey and Josh cutting glassine and portfolio pages

Josh and Solace cutting off the edges of the pages

And some creative hairdos using paper scraps.

Solace’s hairdo

Kelsey’s hairdo

Each book boards were wrapped with colorful book cloths, front covers and back covers.






Grace working on the back cover

front and back boards

Then all the pages were hole-punched, and were bound into a portfolio book.

Josh and Grace adding pages into screw posts

Colophon page

All 12 prints in a row, ready to be put into the portfolio books!

From the top: Kristi Arnold, Katie Baldwin, Laura Berman, Teresa Cole, Christa Dalien, Kristina Estell, Adriane Herman, Mary Anne Jordan, Mari LaCure, Yoonmi Nam, Serena Perrone, Nicolette Ross

Josh carefully collecting one print from each artist to put into the portfolio book

Josh centering a print on the page

Grace securely placing clear corners to fasten the print


Stacking up


Screen printed title on front


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