MI-LAB Artist Residency

Located at the foot of Mt. Fuji, near lake Kawaguchi in Japan, MI-LAB Artist Residency is the ideal place for Mokuhanga residency. The studio is very spacious, and there is a beautiful garden outside. From the studio, I can see Mt. Fuji. But often times, there are clouds covering the mountain. The second day I got here, I went for a walk on a clear sunny day, and this is a picture of Mt. Fuji that day.

This is the residency building looking at the entrance.
“MI-LAB” in the shape of a Baren

Here are some more photos of the studio.
Paper cutting and drying room.
Papers and other supplies.
There is another small space by the sink for sharpening our carving tools. While we were in Tokyo, we had a sharpening workshop and that was really helpful.


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