“Toile” Wallpaper Installed at KU Business School’s New Capitol Federal Hall Building


“Toile” wallpaper installed in the Writing Center at Capitol Federal Hall, KU (Photo by Aaron Paden)

In the Spring of 2016, an exciting opportunity was presented to me.  KU Business School‘s new Capitol Federal Hall building was near completion, and I was invited to permanently install my toile wallpaper design in this new building.  I looked at a few different spaces within this building, and picked the Writing Center space.  I liked the fact that this space is a public space with a lot of foot traffic, but at the same time, it is a contemplative space where students sit down with writing advisors to craft their writing skills.


Label in front of the Writing Center





I got a lot of help and support from the KU Business School staff, the construction staff, Spencer Museum of Art staff, and my friends and students.  The wallpaper was professionally printed by Flavor Paper in Brooklyn, NY, and they were also very helpful and easy to work with.  Thank you all!

Below are some more beautiful photographs taken by Aaron Paden.





Some of the original lithograph print versions of “Toile” are in public collections, including the Spencer Museum of Art collection and the RISD Museum collection.



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